by only a foot or so, & my
tent was riddled pretty
thoroughly. Hostile planes
also attacked our balloons
but were driven off by
gun fore. It was quite
exciting to watch them.

Aug, 23 - 18.

Last night I went to Wauto or
Watau, Belgium on a party
& while there Fritz shelled
the place & killed 3 Americans,
also several horses. My
seg't. went into the line again
today but the British
wouldn't allow us cannoners
to go along so we were
sent to Trappas Farm
where we are now camping.

Sept. 1 - 18

Today the Germans
evacuated Mt. Kemmel & we
are therefore ordered to
other parts. The 106th

Reg't. was smashed up bad
& lost many men when the
went over the top without a
preliminary barrage. About
4 P.M. today we packed up
& hiked through Steenvorde
to a nearby woods where
we are now in camp.

Sept. 2 - 18.

Last night the enemy
dropped bombs close to us
& a big chunk of dirt hit
me in the face. One of
our balloons was shot
down again today.

Sept. 3 - 18.

I am back on Trappas Farm
once more in charge of a
detail looking after property
& must see that the same
is loaded properly & follows
the reg't. when they move.
Last night was a bear. How
in Hell can a fellow
sleep when the Huns