I then bribed a British cook with
a sack of Bull Durham to
boil them for me, expecting to
have a swell little supper.
But - when I opened the eggs
I found "chicken". More dead
men were buried today. Death
over here is swift & violent.

Aug. 8 - 18.

Last eve Fritz put over a
hurricane of shells. Its odd
to try & sleep under fire,
because one can't get away
from the thought that any
moment death may call on
you. We sure hugged the

Aug. 9 - 18.

Today Fritz put over 3 big
shells & wounded a sergt
in the leg. We consider him
lucky as he is now resting
safely in some hospital.
The wooden crosses in-
creased in number again
today. Next!

Aug. 10 - 18.

Late last night I was with
a party of men sent to the
front to act as escort for
troops being relieved. We
were under heavy shell &
machine gun fire as we
stood at the entrance of
the front line trenches but
none of us were hit.

Aug. 11 - 18.

Poor Carr! He went bugs up
in the line & was running
around half naked. I guess
he will be transferred to a
non-combatant unit. Whenever
a shell broke near him he
would scream My God! They
got me! And then he would
drop flat. Shorty Ames dis-
appeared in the trenches & it
is assumed that the
Germans came over on a
silent raid & captured him.
Poor Shorty! Johnis & Lauer
got mad when they failed