though I realize that I'll be
under heavy fire. While we
sat on the edge of a ditch
waiting for our lorry, a shell
bursted about 200 yds. away
& like a flash we all dove
into the ditch, regardless of
mud & water. We returned
from the front safely but it
was a ticklish job speed-
ing over hastily filled
shelled holes in pitch
darkness with Fritz's big
ones bursting all around.
One lorry in our rear
crashed headlong into a
tree & John Keller injured
his leg slightly. We were
on duty at the Front all
night loading material on
lorries & I saw one of our
balloons shot down in flames.

Aug. 5 - 18.

The regiment is now
occupying the front line

trenches at Mt. Kemel but
my platoon was not allowed
to go in as our guns draw
too much fire & the British
dont want us around. Ha!

Aug. 6 - 18.

At 1:45 P.M. we buried
Priv. Whalen of Co. E. who
was killed in action. I was
on the burial detail &
wondered, when I helped
lower the body, if some
day, somebody would
perform a similar duty
for me. It was a very
touching ceremony. Every-
one was bareheaded as the
band played Nearer My
God to Thee & a farewell
volley was fired over
the grave. Other old
friends of mine were

Aug. 7 - 18.

Today I raided a chicken
coop & gathered three eggs.