lined up for mess, the cook
who was drunk, looked
everyone over carefully with
a razor sticking inside of
his leggin. We kidded him
along a lot & he kept getting
madder & madder, threatening
to lick anyone in the line.
Someone gipped his razor &
then he refused to feed us.
Later, in a frenzy of rage
he grabbed a rifle & fired
two shots down the company
street. This ended our dear
cooks career for he was
promptly arrested & locked up.
Before this happened, he had
tacked a sign on his cook
shack, which read
"Come back & get the coat."

July 31st 1918.

This a.m. while breakfast
was being served a wop
& Jew got in an argument.
The wop hit the Jew
square in the face with

A pan full of oatmeal, O, La,
La, - what an awful mess.
Tonight a German raider was
overhead & our guns shelled
him heavily. He was forced
to withdraw before he
reached his objective. During
the day Allied planes pass
here returning from night
raids in Germany & they
fly low turning flips etc.
to amuse us. They are
very daring men, I'll say.

Aug 1st 1918.

Back again in the ruins of
Belgium. The little grave-
yard has increased considerably
since I left here & many of
my comrades are resting
beneath the famous wooden

Aug. 3rd 1918.

6:45pm I am now preparing
to go up to the front on a
working detail. The
prospect thrills me even