or an old blanket & then are
lowered in the grave. The
bugler sounds taps & the
chaplin offers a prayer.

July 16th 1918.

Today we were reviewed by
Sir Douglas Haig. In the
evening the Germans shelled
our area & for a time
we were kept guessing.
No damage done, however.

July 17th 1918.

Poor Davidson! He was one
of a party of men sent to
the trenches for general
observation & on his way
back was killed by
machine gun fire. He said
to the fellow next to him
Jesus! That was close wasn't
it? And the next instant
he toppled over dead. It
seems that he didn't feel

the bullet, which passed
clean through his body, &
simply imagined it was
pretty close to him. Davidson
was a good friend of mine
& I am mighty sorry to lose
him. He owed me $5.00 which
I loaned him in Ashville, N.C.
Who goes next among us?

July 18th 18.

I am now in Leulingham
France attending a special
cannon school. We rode in
Lorries all the way from
Abeele Belgium. I felt very
sore & stiff when we
finally arrived here. The
37 m/m platoon I belong to
requires specially trained
men hence the school.
Lately I've lived on mostly
greasy army stew & believe
I think often of mothers
pies & regular meals.