is continually on duty.

July 9th 1918.

The day before we arrived
here a British Tommy had
his head shot off by a
Boche shell, & today an
American was shot in the
foot by a spy. I strolled
toward the front & passed
thru Rentliver, Belgium.
This town is completely
ruined. Not a single
building or house remains
whole. Our artillery is
all around us & when
the big fellows are fired
one is reminded of an
earthquake. The earth
just rocks. Overhead are
many Allied observation
balloons & each day Ger-
man artillery fires on
them. None have been
shot down so far but
many were forced to

descend when the German
shells bursted too close.
On these occasions shrapnel
would fly & hum thru
the air all around us.
The famous battlefields
of Ypres & Passandale Ridge
are only a few miles distant.

July 12th 1918.

Today I had a close one. I
was on my way over to
Hdqr. to fix up a gas
alarm when suddenly a
big shell whizzed by my
head & bursted about 50
yards away. I dropped
flat in a puddle of mud
& water so was saved
from the flying bits of
steel. Fritz shelled us for
about 2 straight ours today
but no gas was put over.
Several men - killed in action,
were buried. Their bodies are
simply wrapped in burlap