in its downward flight
passed quite close to me.
No planes were shot down.

June 29th 1918.

Big Divisional maneuver
today. I was sent out to
locate a certain battalion
& in my travels wandered
close to the front line. At
11.45 a.m. I strolled into a
French Cafe & drank some
English beer.

June 30th 1918.

Gas instruction today. It
seems that the Hun gas
is pretty deadly & we
are cautioned almost
daily against it. Ambulance
after ambulance passes
thru this city loaded with
wounded soldiers. I am
sleeping in an old
chicken coup & am lousy
of course.

[Looks like 2 pages missing here]
Anyway, we didn't wait
for their bombs. We
dove for the nearest shelter

July 7th 1918.

I am now in Abeele Belgium.
It was a long hot march
to this place & it was
a very sad & silent march
too as the whole country
seemed deserted & in ruins.
Passing thru so many cities,
especially Steenvoordie,
the tramps of our feet
echoed thru the
stillness like an un-
canny chant of a heathen
funeral. Not a soul
remained to greet us,
not even a dog remained
to bark a kindly greeting
& all we could see was
ruined houses & buildings
with gaping holes in
their walls.