June 13th 1918.

Eats are not very plentiful
so I often raid the kitchen
in order to fill up. Hard-
tack & corned beef are in
abundance, but who the
devil can eat such stuff?
Today I walked about 4 miles
to the W.A.A.C. camp. These
girls work in Abbeyville
during the day but as a
raid occurs almost every
night they are lorried
out to these woods where
they sleep on the ground
in tents. They are all either
British, Scotch, Irish or
Canadian girls.

June 14th 1918.

Today we marched to Domvast
France where we were
issued gas-masks. We
were put thru the Lachsy-
meter chamber to test

our masks, & when we
removed them, our eyes
burned considerable.

June 18th, 1918.

My! What a day. We left
Chancy in full marching
order & hiked to St Blimont
21 miles distant. I never
saw so many men
drop out exhausted. My
feet were full of blisters
& every bone in my body
ached. It was a supreme
test of endurance. I am
sleeping in an old French-
man's wagon & as a result
got a nice batch of
cooties. They are fine
little friends to have
crawling around on one
body - bite like the
devil. These people dont
understand our language
so we have a lot of
fun mis-naming things

Abbeyville (2005)