When we got hungry we
approached a flock of
chickens near a farm house
& silently drive them into
the woods. We had one
hell of a time catching
them owing to the thick
brush but finally we
nabbed two nice plump
ones. There was no water
around so two of us
went to another farm
house hoping we could
borrow a pail but the
woman couldn't understand
us so we gave up in
disgust & filled our hats
with water out of the well.
I guess she thinks we are
crazy. Later in the day
we saw a bunch of
German Prisoners working
in a saw mill. One of
them said - You Americans
come far to be killed! Hah!
Wait until we get in the line.

June 11th 1918.

Today I was on kitchen
detail & gave a firey
wop a piece of soap
in place of cheese. After
he took a bite I thought
my life wasn't worth a
nickel. He sure was
some mad. New rifles,
the British Enfield, were
issued today, also steel
helmets. Another raid took
place about 11 P.M. The
firing was extremely heavy
& my billet was jarred
considerable. During every
raid something seems to
remind me about that
new song - "Some day
somebody's going to get you!
I wonder - !