objective of this raid & from
the number of bombs dropped
I guess much damage was
done. Nine girls, all W.A.A.C.
were killed.

June 1st 1918.

Wow! What a wine party
we had today. Suffice to
say I drank my share &
was pretty well under
the weather.

June 2nd 18,

I was on patrol duty today
& noticed many refugees
fleeing the town. It
seems that the Germans at
this front are advancing
for we can hear the
roar of guns in the dis-
tance & a constant stream
of men & supplies is
going by toward the line.

June 3rd 18,

Today Sergt. Jones, an old
service man was reduced.
In Brest he was drunk
one day & hit a little girl
over the head with his
pistol. Today he was tried
& put back in the ranks.
Word was flashed over the
wire that spies were in
Chanchy. We scattered & another
fellow & I went hunting
them together. We had
lots of fun searching houses
& ruined buildings.
Since my arrival in France
I noticed many of the old
historic drawbridges &

June 9th 1918.

Today 4 of us went hunting
thru the Creay Forests.
Saw a big wild boar but
couldn't get a shot in.