was thrown, killing the
boys parents & severely
wounding the boy himself.
He showed me a huge
scar on the small of his
back, also a scar on his
tongue, which he claims
was made when a German
thrust the point of a bay-
onet thru the tongue. Such
acts as this & the Lusitania
sort of encourage a fellow
to shout to kill when the
Huns are in range.

May 27th 1918.

Today we left Brest in
small freight cars labeled
Cheveaux en-long 8- Hommes
36-40. Our destination
is unknown but we
stopped for a few minutes
in Lorival, France where
I bought some cheap
beer. Travelling in these
cars is a torture. We
are packed in tightly &

have only cold iron rations.
Also the nights are chilly
& one cannot sleep because
there is no room to stretch
out on the floor.

May 29th 1918.

Arrived at Noyales in the
Somme Sector. Last night
Hun aeroplanes hovered
overhead & dropped bombs,
our railroad being their
objective. They missed
however & succeeded only
in killing a poor cow.
On the night of the 29th we
camped in British tents after
a long hot march. The
Germans were overhead
again & we sure expected
almost anything but no
bombs were dropped
near us. All nights were
blown out & no smoking
was allowed.

Today I learned that
the Y.M.C.A. man aboard