- is an old Russian cattle
boat which was torpedoed
once by the Germans.
About 12 oclock noon we got
up steam & headed for the
land of adventure. I found
myself wondering as I
waved goodbye to America
whether or not I should
see her shores again.
The eats aboard this ship
are simply awful. The
bread we get is stale - the
meat tainted - & one man
doesn't get enough to feed
a healthy young kid. The
crew mutinied & are all
under arrest. I have
been assigned to a life
boat crew owing to my
experience in the U.S. Navy,
Each boat is provisioned &
carries a water cart. Everything
seems to be in shape
should the worst happen
& we are sunk.
When we entered the war
zone one could notice the
strained expressions on
many a youthful face. A
feeling of tense excitement
seemed to prevail through-
out the ship, but save
for one or two exceptions,
everyone was outwardly
cool & collected. Of course
each man wore his life
belt constantly & we all
knew precisely what to
do in event of an attack.
Our convoy up to this
time consisted of only
one American cruiser but
when a fleet of swift U.
Boat chasers met us we
didn't think Fritz stood
much chance. At night
though it was different.
Our huge transports (1,4)
loomed up vividly against
the horizon, where as it
would be impossible to