The World War I diary of A. W. Miller

My mom, Evelyn Marvel (maiden name), had an Uncle Paul on her mother's side. When my Uncle Paul died one of his possessions was the diary you are about to read. My mom doesn't know who A. W. Miller is - distant relative, friend of Paul? A little genealogy is in order.

I have had the diary since my teenage years, and hadn't read it probably since first receiving it. My 12 year old son (2006), however, loves history. He can't get enough of it. When he learned of the diary, he excitedly asked to read it. To better preserve it, though, we decided to carefully scan it in. The original scans are much larger than the ones shown on the following web pages.

While Mr. Miller points out that this is a copy of his original diary, it seems that he copied it partway through his time in Europe. Later pages (see page 46) contain names and addresses written by people he met in France, and the names are mentioned in the next diary entry (page 47). So at least a portion of the diary must be original. But I can't help wondering if his first diary is the hands of a family in France...

After scanning, I typed the script preserving linebreaks, misspellings, typos, and so on. I am all too human, however, and have probably introduced an error or two. Feel free to point any out that you discover! We are also very interested in any information that might tie other people to Mr. Miller, as well as any general comments or thoughts you might want to share.


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