The simulation starts initially with two ETC lanes (the two bottom-most lanes on the screen). The other lanes are non-ETC. Speed limits for the non-ETC lanes have been set lower than ETC necause a complete stop is not needed for ETC usage. The travel time graph plots data for both classes of drivers on the same set of axes. In this way, it is easy to see that the average ETC vehicle travel times are usually less than the non-ETC vehicles.

When selecting an area of the roadway by clicking and dragging the mouse, the popup window indicates current ETC percentage of total traffic (20% ETC, 80% non-ETC by default). This is the ratio of ETC/total vehicles within the traffic population, and is completely unrelated to the intensity of the arrival process.

New tollbooth layouts can be created in the same manner as with other simulations. The tollbooth area can be cleared as before. In this simulator, however, a new option exists in the popup menu. When a highlighted area is to be ETC, the ETC checkbox must be checked. Speed limit, etc., can be adjusted as before. Similarly, for non-ETC lanes be sure that the ETC box remains unchecked.