Tom Swift Jr

Welcome, friends of Tom Swift!

Tom Swift copyrights are currently owned by Simon & Schuster, the same folks who publish Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and other similar teen book series. Tom Swift, however, is geared toward boys who are interested in science, and maybe as a result has a less wide-ranging appeal than other teen series. Please Google Tom Swift for links to sites with more information than this meager page.

The links below are some of the things I've been working on related to the Tom Swift Jr series, published from 1954 through 1971 and long out of print. The challenge for fans is that Simon & Schuster doesn't seem inclined to publish a collectors' edition of the books, completely understandable if their studies show lack of substantial fan base. As a result that leaves it up to the fans to preserve the books as best they can without official resources.

Compounding the challenge, only two of the 33 books in the series are in public domain, "Visitor from Planet X" and "Electronic Hydrolung." (I will eventually make illustrated versions available here.) For the others it is important to respect the copyrights. Without the publishers we wouldn't have these fun books! Contact Simon & Schuster to express your interest. Maybe a collectors' edition is a (remote!) possibility after all if enough speak up.

Endpapers vols. 1-16

Endpapers vols. 17-33