AB3AP W1 Control Software

The software provides three faces to your W1:

Analog, W only,dual needle display optionally with "lollipops" showing digital readings.
Digital, W or dBm,VU meter style direct readings from W1.
Tiny, W or dBm,readings displayed as text. SWR color coded green (<= 1.5), yellow (<= 2.5), or red. Thanks to Heinz HB9BCB for the excellent suggestion for this face.

The program will autoconnect to the W1, so be sure it is turned on first. Options are chosen by bringing up a pop up menu in the program.

Running Program

Run it on this page.

Screen Shots


Smaller than actual size for easier web viewing.


Actual size.


Actual size.


Keep in mind the W1 readings are accurate within 0.5 dB or about 10%. Digital values often imply more than is there! However, values displayed are as reported by the W1 and might be helpful in watching trends. SWR, incidentally, is calculated and not read from the W1.


Here are brief descriptions of the buttons. These buttons simply provide access to existing functions in the W1. They aren't providing extended functionality except that decay, drop, and range changing rate are also somewhat reflected on-screen.

How It Works

In addition to responding to button pushes with appropriate commands, the following is performed endlessly:
  1. Send W1 command to read forward power reading.
  2. Wait 60 msec and retrieve response.
  3. Display measurements on meter face.

  4. Send W1 command to read reflected power reading.
  5. Wait 60 msec and retrieve response.
  6. Display measurements on meter face.

  7. Calculate SWR. For f forward and r reflected power in Watts, let g = sqrt(r / f). Then swr = (1 + g) / (1 - g).
  8. Display measurements on meter face.

Hardware Enclosures

For hardware solutions to making your W1 more usable, take a look at the first class job by Heinz HB9BCB. Heinz has made similarly outstanding enclosures for the other Elecraft mini module kits.

If that looks like more work than you're ready for, consider W8FGU's site where he sells an enclosure for the W1. It requires no modifications to the kit and is a quick and easy install.

Hardware enclosures and this software ought to nicely enhance the utility of your W1.

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