AB3AP Software Control of Elecraft Gear

Unrelated to software, here is some history of Elecraft that might prove interesting.

Runs on linux, MacOS, and Windows.

I've written and offer free software to control Elecraft gear.

Suggested price: 1 QSL card - I truly would appreciate it! (Return rate indicates interest and if worthwhile to offer software.)

In the table below, the Elecraft icon provides a way to run the software from the web page. However, due to security concerns this is becoming more problematic. Many OSes prevent this for good reason. It's possible that a Java program can take advantage of your trust!

The best approach at the moment is probably to either download the compiled jar files, or, if you're a Java programmer, download the source:

Click to Run! Detailed Info Description
K3 EQ Adjust tx and rx EQ settings for K3.
W1 and W2 Control Three meter faces, units of W or dBm.
Antenna Bandwidth Use W1 and a K3 to measure your antenna bandwidth.
K2 Settings Retrieval Save your K2 set up in case of an unexpected reset.
K2 Control A virtual K2 face using artwork from the manual cover. Use pop up menu to choose serial port.
K2 Filter Adjustment Unfinished. Adjust K2 filters programmatically.

  1. Simply click an Elecraft icon above to run a program.

  2. If your web browser doesn't recognize .jnlp files, make it use "javaws" (in your Java distribution's jre/bin directory).

  3. After inially running it, "javaws -viewer" lets you run programs later even when off the Internet.

  4. Send a QSL card to AB3AP. :-)

NOTE to linux users: be sure you are a member of group "lock" and that the directory /var/lock is writable to you or the lock group. The serial port library wants to lock out the serial port to other applications.

Update History


2012-4Initial release.

Antenna Bandwidth

2012-3Initial release.

W1 Display

2012-3Added analog and tiny faces, added choice of units (W or dBm), converted to Web Start.
2007-3-23Initial release.

K2 Parameter Retrieval

2012-3Added graphical user interface, converted to Web Start.
2007-4-5Initial release.


2012-4-14Converted to Web Start.
2007-3-25 Corrected S-units bug that prevented K2 from sharing serial port with other apps.
Added support for blinking annunciators (however, K2 doesn't report flashing info when FINE RIT is in progress).
2007-3-24 Added support for S-units.
Increased display update interval to 100 ms.
2007-3-23 Initial release.

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