General CW Operating

The ARRL's "The Radio Amateur's Operating Manual" (1972) contains an excellent section titled "General CW Operating." Unfortunately, the piece has not been printed since then. ARRL says that the article needs rewriting for the sake of modernization. They are willing, however, to have the article distributed by email but not via the web. ARRL wants to remain the distribution source of all their articles available via the web.

If you'd like the article, please email me and I'll send you it. It's about 11 pages long and is a nice, concise reference on CW operating. Frank KB4T did the hard work of finding and scanning in the piece, then I used to Gimp to get rid of yellowing. Next, I used Tesseract to perform the OCR (optical character recognition), and did final typesetting with the powerful LaTeX package.

Tell me if you'd like any or all:

Let me know if you'd like a copy.