The Kings of Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Rogerio Zeigler sends along this neat little piece of rock'n'roll trivia:
In Brazil, the only album title that have been translated was ``A Hard Day's Night.'' The portuguese name is ``Os Reis do Ié-Ié-Ié,'' which means ``The Kings of Yeah-Yeah-Yeah.'' After this, during the mid sixties, rock'n'roll in Brazil was generally called ``Ié-Ié-Ié'' (Yeah-Yeah-Yeah), or ``Iê-Iê-Iê'' (Ye-Ye-Ye), like ``Young people are crazy about this Yeah-Yeah-Yeah'' (=Young people are crazy about this rock'n'roll)
Clay adds
The Brazilian expression ``Yeah-Yeah-Yeah'' was borrowed from ``She loves you,'' one of the first Beatles songs released here. It tied with ``I want to hold your hand'' for their first top hit in Brazil.
Mariana Mello read the above and adds the following.
I read [...] all that Rogerio said is true. So I decided to tell a thing about Beatles in Brazil too:

At first, people didn't know who they were, because they didn't get much information about the fab four. But anyway a group called 'Renato e seus Blue Caps' or 'Renato and his blue caps' took the song "I should have known better" and sang it at this title "Menina Linda" or "Beautiful girl". It made great success. After that, many Brazilian singers decided to do the same thing. Some examples: "Help" became "Vem"(Come). "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" became "Voc ainda pode sonhar"(You can still dream), and so on. In my personal opinion, I think that these new versions aren't good. I don't change the Beatles for nothing!!! Well, that's all. Thanks...
Mariana Mello

Last modified: August 18, 1997