The Prize My Wife Won

The 'love me do' text is actually on the back of the print, but I thought you might like to see it as well.

Included with the photo, was this note (I guess whoever wrote the note didn't do so well in English grammar):

Dear Prize Winner:

CONGRATULATIONS! We are pleased to enclose your prize, A Special Beatles Print, as one of the Bonus Prize Winners in The Disney Channel's "Eight Days A Week Beatles" Sweepstakes sponsored by The Disney Channel. The Walt Disney Company, Capital [sic] Records, EMI Music, Musicland and Sam Goody.

On behalf of our client, we hope that you will enjoy your prize.

The Disney Channel

The photo was scanned at only 72 dots/inch. Though you can't tell here because of the low resolution, the photographer focused on Ringo's face leaving the others slightly out of focus. The picture is copyright 1992 by Apple Corp.
Mike Markowski
Last modified: November 29, 1994