Jammin' with John...

Joe almost Jams with John:

It was back in the early seventies, when a friend of mine named Bill told me he had recorded an album with David Peel and the Lower East Side band titled The Pope Smokes Dope. He also told me that the album was produced by John Lennon and that he had met John in the recording studio, well after hearing this I just had to check out his story, mainly because I am a Big Beatles fan and still play in a Beatles band today. Well Bill, myself and a few friends take a train ride into Greenwich Village in NYC and find ourselves hanging out in David Peels apartment listening to John Lennon's yet unreleased Sometime in New York City. Bill introducing me as the Beatle Fanatic, I find myself strumming some Beatles tunes on an acoustic guitar that was lying around. When all of a sudden David Peel gets up, goes to the phone and calls John Lennon, hangs up, walks back over to where I am playing and says "Hey Joe, GUESS WHO is coming over". Well at that point I just froze, contemplating what will I say, what will I do, what would I play. After anxiously waiting for several hours we just gave up and left. But just IMAGINE what might have been....... I do almost on a daily basis.

Joe Catalano