Did I or Didn't I??

I was in Las Vegas at christmas with my boyfriend and two friends. We were wandering through the MGM Grand when this man in sweats came walking towards us. He was semi-short, had a black scraggly beard and black hair, slicked back in a ponytail, my boyfriend says he had sunglasses on, but I don't remember. Anyway, as the man brushed past me, I turned to the other three with me and said that he had looked exactly like Ringo Starr. Two of the three are minor Beatles fans and they had thought the very same thing. We all turned around to watch him walk away. At the time I didn't really give it much thought, and I guess I figured Ringo lived in Europe. So a couple of weeks ago I realize that Ringo lives in LA and, why shouldn't he happen to be in Vegas? I am going absolutely crazy not knowing whether or not I brushed past a Beatle!! You might think I'm crazy for not at least asking the guy, but I would never have actually thought that there was any real possibility of running into a Beatle by chance and so I just went "Oh wow, that guy looks exactly like Ringo" never actually believing that I should be so lucky. You can't even imagine how much I wish I could turn back time to say something. Next time I won't be so ridiculous, I can guarantee!

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Last modified: April 16, 1996.