Dave Races Paul

In 1993, my girlfriend, (once removed), and I went to the Paul McCartney Concert at Veterans Memorial Stadium, Philadelphia. The Concert was cool, best in my life I would say. Hey Jude was a great tribute to John as we all sang along. At the end, our departure wa delayed so Paul & Linda & the band could leave first and make their way out of trhe stadium without being trampled. Well, we were on our way home and sure enough about 5 carlengths ahead of us in Phila was a huge stretch limo the color of the one pictured in the CD Paul McCartney---All The Best.

I can't recall the license plate #, but it wasn't a dealer plate. This narrowed the possibility that it was someone renting the limo to go to the concert. It also had mirrored glass windows. Making it impossible to see whether it was Paul or not. We raced it for five minutes, until they turned off toward the airport. I wanted to follow, but we decided to let it be a happy mystery rather than a grave disappointment if it wasn't Paul. I fondly remember this day as the day I raced Paul McCartney on the highway, maybe.

Last modified: May 2, 1997