Clayton Eames meets Paul

Clayton shares his Beatles story...

Back in the New World Tour of 1993, my brother-in-law's friend, who does lighting for tours, got a part in Paul's tour. When he performed at the Meadowlands, the friend got me and my brother-in-law BACKSTAGE PASSES!!! We didn't actually get to meet him (I think I would have passed out if we did!), but we were there to see the set-up, hear the soundcheck, which turned out to be a 2 hour concert of sorts where they did different songs than the ones they did in the concert (save 2-3), and we had decent seats. What's more, WE GOT PICTURES!!!! But, during the soundcheck, Paul said something about screaming banshees - we weren't sure what. So, we started screaming. Paul turned around, looked at us, and said something to the effect of, "I wasn't talking about you folks!" So, we tell people that Paul McCartney, aka GOD to some of us, talked to us! And we got to keep our passes! So, both the pictures and the pass are prominent features in my apartment! The show was incredible. Should the remaining Beatles ever get back together and perform, I'll be there! GUARANTEED!!!

Clayton Eames
Last modified: October 31, 1995