A Nude Ad Guy (really, that's what he calls himself) says, "Here's a 'missed Beatle' story for you."

January, 1988, Memphis, TN. Elvis' birthday week. I fly into Memphis to watch the recording of a commercial jingle for a client of the advertising agency that I worked for at the time.

It is snowing like crazy. Which is bad, because Memphis doesn't get snow very often--like once every decade. There are no plows and a foot of snow on the ground already.

I get a tour of the recording studio, but am told that we probably won't be recording anything the next day, because all the musicians are snowbound.

This is a shame for two reasons: One, I had the chance of coming in the week before, when the weather was fine, but decided to wait a week to go to Memphis;

Two: While getting the studio tour, the guy who runs the place says, "You should have come last week. Ringo Starr was in here with Joe Walsh and he was signing autographs and shaking everybody's hand and having a good time!"

I console myself with the fact that Ringo was probably snockered at the time (this is before he dried up and those sessions were later kept from release via a lawsuit) and wouldn't have been very much fun, anyway.

I also know a woman who works at Capitol records in Hollywood and once had Paul and Linda walk into her office asking for directions to somebody's office. That'll make your day!

Nude Ad Guy
Last modified: November 14, 1995