Where to Buy Beatles Goodies in Orange, California

In December 1995, Mike Lefebvre emailed me. He runs a shop in California devoted to our favorite foursome. He writes:

Just wanted you to know about our shop...Pepperland. We were the first Beatles shop in the US. I started selling Beatles in the early 1970's. Never stopped collecting, selling and loving them. We have a nice walk-in shop at

850 N. Tustin
Orange Ca. 92667

Customers can reach us at

Phone (714) 639-0909, or
FAX (714) 639-1015 7 days a week.

In February or March, the new addres will be:

450 N. Tustin Street
Orange Ca. 92667

We offer just about everything on the group.
Dec 1, 1995Talking about Anthology (and doing a little salesmanship), Mike says, "Turns out the lp version of Anthogy....US is strictly limited. So, advise collectors to rush out and buy the US sealed version this coming week. Supplies are limited. Of course, like the BBc, this is the same thing, just shrink wrapped by Capitol, and cheaper at first!
Mike Markowski
Last modified: January 23, 1996