Where to Buy Beatles Goodies in California

Joanne Petersen has come across a few stores:
Let It Be Records
2434 Judah
San Francisco


Carries the usual CDs/records but has a bunch of memorabilia as well.
Rockaway Records, Los Angeles
2395 Glendale
Los Angeles


Carries radio promotional CDs/records and other rare items.

In May 1995, I received email from SgPepper saying:

There is a store called Imagine in Santa Cruz, CA. It is dedicated to John Lennon and sells nothing but Beatle (and solo) stuff. You might want to add it to your page.

In October 1995, John Friedman offered the following additional info.

Proprieters of Imagine (at the time I visited it about 16 mos. ago) were Mark Hoffmeister and Karen Howell. The address is

Imagine 107 Locust Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Phone (408)427-0240
FAX (408)427-0814.

Mike Markowski
Last modified: April 9, 1996