Death is Meaningless

Death is Meaningless Anyway

Cathy Boucher points out what all the other investigators have missed - life and death are meaningles when considered individually. This is often first realized with chemical or botanical help.
I have always felt that the whole Paul is Dead thing was a stoned, giddy joke that probably happened when the Beatles were tripping. Paul is Dead refers to Paul having had an ego death experience while tripping. The first indication might be "Got to get you into my life." The Beatles start mixing up physical driving with tripping there. In A Day in the Life he refers to "He took a trip, he didn't notice that the light had changed." Very much in reference to the advice in the Psychedelic Experience by Leary. I know that there is a real incident which was also an inspiration to the song but I feel that there are many, many references which more easily fit this explanation.