The Dubious Origins of the Beatles and some ABCs

On, Kevin McGuire brought to our attention John's whimsical "history" of the Beatles. But in addition to this MerseyBeat piece by John, the Beatles had fun submitting other classified ads to the same publication. Frederic Beghin was nice enough to enter the text for our further enjoyment. He says, [a book was published] and containing facsimiles of every page The Beatles ever contributed to." And here they are. [Excerpts removed at request of book's author and his lawyer. Hmm...]

And while we're enjoying John's uniqe style of writing, in 1970 a suite of John Lennon's lithographs were displayed at The Lee Nordness Galleries in New York City. Among the fourteen shown was one, the first I believe, which was a handwritten list of the "ABC"s. Some of the writing is a little hard for me to make out, but I've done my best to copy into typewritten form John Lennon's ABCs.

Mike Markowski
Last modified: January 12, 1996