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With CDs it's such a pain to remove those little booklets that I rarely read what originally were the album sleeve notes. It's not as much fun as holding the album cover in your hands, but for the LPs and EPs (there are no notes on singles) you can read the album sleeve notes for the highlighted titles. Titles not highlighted have no notes on the sleeve or contain only lyrics; Pepper and White album, for instance.

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MIDI Files

Someone, whose name I have yet learn, has offered his collection of Beatles MIDI files to fans on the net. You can grab all of them in a PKZIPped file, a QuickTime audio file (provided by Richard Shapiro), or sample each individually. Oh, and be sure you use an appropriate MIDI mapper for playback. You can get very strange sounding results otherwise - as I've already found out. Enjoy!

Olinto Neto made a MIDI file of Free as a Bird which is not included in the PKZIP or SIT files above. [I haven't been able to get email to him. If you're reading this, Olinto, thank you.]

Also, Mario Ureña has offered Across the Universe, Can't Buy Me Love, Here Comes the Sun, and Real Love.


Backwards Messages

In the last few seconds of Free as a Bird there is a forward message for (and from) John which is immediately followed by a backward messagefrom John. After sampling the clips, I amplified them as much as possible while still not introducing any clipping.

There are many more backwards Beatles messages. The messages in Free as a Bird are a tongue in cheek acknowledgement of them.

Mike Markowski
Last modified: January 23, 1996