Beatles Jazz Covers

I don't usually bother checking out Beatles covers---I think Candy Flip's "Strawberry Fields" is the only one I've ever bought---because, like many Beatles fans, I can't imagine anyone topping the Fab Four. So why bother shelling out the bucks when 99% of the time it'll be less enjoyable. But as a longtime jazz fan, I had to give a listen to the new GRP disc "(I Got No Kick Against) Modern Jazz." It's subtitled, "A GRP Artists' Celebration of the Songs of the Beatles." The disc is made up of the following tracks and performers:

With the three exceptions of "In My Life" by Lennon, "A Day in the Life" by Lennon & McCartney, and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by Harrison, the remaining tracks are all McCartney ballads. Probably that's not surprising since ballads lend themselves more easily to reinterpretation. (And after all, we all remember what happened when Shatner took the other route and covered Lucy in the Sky. Oooh, my ears...)

Anyway, I don't have the time...well, ok, to be more honest, I don't have the expertise to give a track by track critique. All I will say is that I enjoy each and every track. Since you're reading this, you must be a Beatles fan. If you also like jazz, then without question you'll love the disc. If you know nothing about jazz but kind of like some of what you've heard here and there over the years, what better way to become better acquainted with this musical style? Familiar songs in a new setting with a variety of performers and personal styles to listen to.

On a final note, I like it so much that I even forgive GRP for misnaming "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" on the third track! :-) Really, I think it's a disc you'll be happy to own and happier still that cds don't wear out.

For the ol' "much, much more..." part, read GRP's own ad for the disc.

Mike Markowski
Last modified: October 10, 1995