Original Japanese Names

Below are the US and Japanese names of the Go Team and Rex. If the third column appears as gibberish, don't worry. It just means your browser can't display Japanese.

US Dub Japanese Series
(last name, first name)
Speed Racer Mifune Go 三船 剛
Pops Racer Mifune Daisuke 三船 大輔
Mom Racer Mifune Aya 三船 あや
Rex Racer Mifune Kenichi "Masked Racer" 三船 賢一
Trixie Shimura Michi 志村 ミチ
Sparky Sabu サブ
Spritle Mifune Kurio 三船くりお
Chim Chim Sanpei シンペイ

How they are used in the series:

G on Speed's Shirt: his Japanese name, Go.
M on Trixie's blouses: her Japanese name, Michi.
M on Speed's helmet and on the Mach 5: Japanese name of Pop's company, Mifune Motors.

Last modified: September 24, 1996