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Here are some related links. Well, not all are directly related, but related in the sense that they're cartoons that may have gotten you hooked on anime.

Speed Racer
Mach A-Go-Go-Go!
Mifune Motors
N&A Speed Racer: Boy Wonder and Co.
Speed Racer Role Play
Unofficial Speed Racer Web Site
Oh Speed! You're the Greatest! (Html file with missing extension - your browser will probably not be able to see this site. I can't get email through to notify the site maintainer, though...)
Fabian Borge's Speed Racer Desktop Theme
The Speed Racer Shrine, Vincent Chan
ayukawa's Home Page, Stana Hierspiel
Speed Racer, Black Tauna
Go Page, Kevin White
Absolute Anime
Speed Racer, Mike Markowski
Speed Racer, impressively modified Streamline Mach 5 model
Omega Zone, Bill Hughes
The 60s & 70s
Lost 60's
Telno Virus
Wing Nut Productions
Steppen Stones
The Banana Splits
The Banana Splits
Star Blazers/Yamato
Yamoto/Star Blazers Page, Keith Scroggins
Astro Boy
Astroboy: I am Robot and Proud
General Anime & Cartoons
Clublink Cartoon Database
Time Disorder
Ezmerdler's Anime Page
The Haruka Project
The Casual Otaku
Masato's Anime-Manga-Launchbase
Manga Mall