List of Organizations

The Car Acrobatic Team make their first appearance in The Most Dangerous Race where they compete with Speed in the Alpine Race. The Team is led by Captain Terror, and some of the members are Cobra, Knuckles, Brawn (car #18), Ugly, Poison, Ender (car #19) and Tiger (car #14). They are auto team equivalent of the US Navy's ``Blue Angels.'' They drive is amazing formations, perform death defying stunts, etc., and also happen to win races doing whatever it takes, moral or not, to win. But Speed gets the best of the them in the end!

The Alpha Team is a five man team headed by Zoomer Slick. The team is run by Mr. Wiley and Mr. Fixer. We see them at the Trans-Country Race in Challenge of the Masked Racer. They try and fail to recruit Speed as a team member.

The Three Roses Club appears, and is mostly destroyed, in Race for Revenge. Fifteen years ago, the three coaches, Mr. Green and Mr. Black gave orders to their drivers to win at any cost. In the Race at Danger Pass, they purposely forced Flash Marker, a young and talented driver, off the cliff to his death. Years later, his son Flash, Jr., vows vengeance. Since he's too sick too drive, he remotely controls his father's old car, the Malaise, to force the Three Roses Club drivers off the same cliff. Some of the car drivers are shown moving on the ground after crashes, but the only person who without a doubt survives, is Mr. Red Herring.