Gang of Assassins


The Fujiyama Grand Prix.
Finishing order:
  1. Speed
  2. Racer X


Good Guys Bad Guys
Speed Gaff Gunstle
Trixie Prof. Anarchy
Racer X
Chim Chim
President Carckbrow


Mach Five



Part 1

In the morning somewhere in Japan, six black cars, a gang of assassins, drive to Cupola Castle. From one of the cars, a pole shoots upward to the roof, and a black clad assassin nimbly climbs it and enters the building. From inside, he unlocks the main door and lets in the others. One the assassins has a small red ball with four points sticking out of it and hides it in a suit of armor. They all leave.

Towards the end of the Fujiyama Grand Prix, Speed and Racer X are well in front of the rest of the cars. The tach of the Shooting Star reads 650 rpm [x10, I guess?], with the redline at 700. With three laps left to go, Racer X is two car lengths behind Speed. At one lap, it's a dead heat with each of them trading first and second places often. Ultimately, Speed wins and enjoys the cheers of the 100,000 fans present. He and Racer X shake hands.

Afterwards, Speed and Trixie decide to go siteseeing in Japan. Since it's presumably a romantic outing as well, when Spritle and Chim-Chim want to go along, Pops buys them off by offering them a pound of candied kumkwats (sp?). After driving by Mount Fuji, they here a radio report. Minutes ago, just before 3pm, President Crackbrow of Acquiria and some of his ministers were visiting Cupola Castle. They were in town to attend the International Peacemeal Conference While. While admiring an ancient suit of armor, the castle, a powerful radar bomb exploded, killing them all.

Still siteseeing at evening, Speed tells Trixie, who was asleep, that they'll be at Splendor Castle in a minute. Before they arrive, though, seven assassins have driven up and sprayed the guards with Vapor gas, making them sleep.

As Speed and Trixie pull up, they see the unconscious guards and decide to investigate. Driving through the gates to Splendor Castle, the seven assassins see the approaching Mach Five. One throws a small bomb at the car, flipping it over. Not only Speed and Trixie fall out, but Spritle and Chim-Chim as well. They'd been hiding out in the trunk again. Speed wakes first and checks on Trixie. Then they both Spritle and Chim-Chim waking up. From the roof of the castle, another assassin throws a bomb, but it does little damage. Speed runs to the Mach Five and sends the homing robot up to the roof and swooping at the assassins. One loses his balance and falls from the high roof. After throwing many shurikens at the robot, one finally knocks it out of the sky. Two assassins quickly parachute down, hop in their cars which are armed with machine guns, and begin firing on the Mach Five.

Seeing that their guns are not hurting the Mach Five, the assassins leave and Speed chases behind. One of them drops an unfolding board covered with nails. Speed tries to jump over it, but miscalculates. The Mach Five lands on it and gets a flat. At that point, two of the assassins back towards the Mach Five. From the backs of the cars are jet-engine looking ports which are actually flame throwers. With the Mach Five stuck and the flames heating the car up, the assassins figure one more minute and they'll melt the car.

The effects of the Vapor gas have by now worn off the guards luckily, and they come running, firing their guns at the two assassins' cars. They decide it's time to leave. Speed thanks the guards for saving their lives.

The police arrive at Splendor Castle and see that one of the assassin cars is left behind; their only clue. They say that the assassins are out to get all the attendees of the conference.

In a park, Trixie, Spritle and Chim-Chim are feeding and playing with some deer. Speed is resting and thinking by a tree when Racer X suddenly appears from the woods. He says ``a little bird told'' him about Speed's encounter with the gang of assassins. He tells Speed he's lucky to have survived but might not be so lucky if there's a next time. He tells him to forget about the assassins. They're too dangerous.

At a firing range later, Racer X is skillfully shooing clay pigeons and impressing the bystanders. Mr. Gaff Guntsle offers racer X a job with him but won't tell him any details yet. He tells him he'll find out more tonight. From their conversation, it's clear that Racer X and Guntsle have been in contact before.

That evening, Speed, Trixie, Spritle and Chim-Chim prepare to go out for more Japan siteseeing. Trixie takes a long time to get ready telling Speed she has to look her best so that he won't be interested in the pretty Japanese girls. Driving through town, they see a girl in traditional Japanese clothing who catches Speed's eye. Trixie takes his chin and turns his head away. They stop at a bridge over a large lake and get out to look. They watch a siteseeing boat not knowing that on it are the attendees of the International Peacemeal Conference.

On the shore of the lake, Racer X is also watching the boat when five assassins attack him. He has trouble with them but does well. It turns out that the assassins work for Mr. Guntsle, and Guntsle was just testing Racer X. He's pleased with Racer X's performance and says he'll be worth the money. As a demonstration of his abilities, Guntsle tells Racer X to continue watching the siteseeing boat. A large sea monster approaches, makes a whirlpool and the boat sinks! Speed jumps the Mach Five off the bridge and tries to pursue the monster. On the lake shore, X tells Guntsle he'll work for him. Guntsle says he'll get rid of all the important figures in the world governments this way, and the world be theirs to rule.

Speed had no luck underwater and drives back up onto land. As he stops, he sees the assassin cars speed by. He jumps back in the car and follows them to their hideout, which looks like an old temple. Sneaking in, Speed sees many scary looking statues of ancient kings. They have weapons and point them at Speed.

Part 2

The statues begin throwing knives at Speed, who wisely runs away. He knows they must be remote controlled and decides he better find out from where. Before he can think more about it, six assassins drop down from the ceiling and start fighting. Speed defends himself fairly well at first, but then gets each caught in two assassins' chains. On his back he has to knock spears out of his path and duck from exploding shurikens.

Gaff Guntsle then is lowered on a platform from the ceiling and holding a gun. He tells Speed he's the leader of this local gang of assassins but that the organization is worldwide. Opening a secret door, Guntsle brings Speed into a hallway and tells an assassin to take care of Speed's car.

Down in the secret basement, the diplomats from the siteseeing boat are penned in a large jail cell. Nearby, assassins are training. When a five of spades playing card is thrown into the air, not only does an assassin shoot the card, but shoots five holes, one through each of the spades. Guntsle also shows Speed a driving area where assassins are practicing trick driving. At another area, an assassin is testing some sort of fire-proof jacket as he walks through flames. Guntsle says now he'll bring Speed to see the man in charge of the entire organization, Professor Anarchy. He's a white haired and bearded, cigar smoking villain. We know he's a villain because he's got a black patch over his left eye. That's the signature of a villain in Speed, you know.

Anarchy offers Speed a position in the organization. When Speed turns him down, Anarchy tells Guntsle to kill him. With nothing to lose, Speed fights Guntsle and gets his gun, but Prof. Anarchy is quicker. His pistol is already pointed at Speed. He tells Speed he should feel honored to get the bullet directly from him and that Speed will be the 2708th man he's killed. Just then, Racer X comes from behind a curtain over a doorway and tells Anarchy he'll kill Speed.

Speed is surprised to find Racer X is a bad guy and tells him so. Racer x says he's tired of racing and risking his neck for glory. He'll get more here with the assassins. X, by the way, is in his racing outfit. I guess he bypassed the black uniform requirement. Then Racer X starts beating up Speed, apologizing to Speed inwardly as he does so. Then Speed is dumped into the jail cell with the diplomats.

The next morning, Trixie, Spritle and Chim-Chim are at the bridge where they saw the siteseeing boat attacked. They're worried and looking for Speed and calling his name. Chim-Chim points when he spots the homing robot flying around. They all follow it as it returns to the Mach Five, which is sitting by the bank of the lake. Three little kids about Spritle's age are playing with the car's controls and say it's their car because they found it. Spritle and Chim-Chim ``buy'' it back by offering all the candy they have in their pockets. With Trixie at the wheel, the trio immediately drive into the lake looking for the monster/submarine. They're surprised when the monster finds them first! They try to outrun it, but the monster shaped submarine catches up and draws the Mach Five up into a hold where the water is then drained. Hearing people coming, Spritle and Chim-Chim hide in the trunk so that they can help Trixie later.

Several assassins come in and are happy to see the Mach Five since they couldn't find it before. [So, how did it get by the lake then?...] While this is happening, the submarine drives into an underwater cave leading to the assassins main headquarters. Once there, Trixie is thrown into the cell with the diplomats and Speed. Speed first tells her the unexpected news about Racer X being a bad guy, and then Trixie tells everyone that there's still hope; Spritle and Chim-Chim are in the Mach Five trunk.

At an auditorium in the assassin headquarters, Prof. Anarchy is addressing the assassins and briefing them about tomorrow's mission. He tells them that the International Peacemeal Conference convenes at 10am. A bomb will be set to go off at 10:01am. It is already hidden inside a statue of lion, which is an exact duplicate of one in the conference meeting hall. The assassins' job is to replace the real statue with the one with bomb tonight.

The newest assassin, Racer X, offers to take charge but Anarchy says he has something special for X. He orders that the prisoners be lined up and commands Racer X to kill them when he counts to three. Racer X starts shooting away at them but no one is hurt. He's such a perfect shot that he only shot off the ropes tying them up. Many assassins lunge forward towards Racer X, knowing he's not one of them, but Racer X shoots down many of them. The diplomats, Speed and Trixie jump behind sandbags to escape the shots directed their way by the assassins. At this point, Sparky drives in in the Mach Five! [Where did he come from??] Speed and Trixie jump in with assassins running after them. Racer X gives the freed diplomats directions on how to escape from the assassin headquarters, while Spritle and Chim-Chim start sneaking around inside the submarine.

Still in the headquarters, Racer X sees a room filled with enough guns and ammunition to challenge all the armies in the world. Finding a time bomb, he sets it to go off and blow up the place.

Outside, the Mach Five is catching up with the many assassin cars headed to the conference. Some stop to shoot at the Mach Five but with the rotary saws extended, it slices between them. Further on, Speed has the Mach Five leap against some rocks to cause a rockfall killing two more assassins. Just as things are looking good, though, the monster sub is flying overhead shooting fire missiles at Speed and Trixie! The guy at the controls is luckily not the best shot.

The assassin does, however, get off a shot that hits the Mach Five. But at this point, Spritle and Chim-Chim have found the cockpit and are sneaking up behind him. Before he gets off another shot, Spritle lays him out cold with a blow to the head using a wrench. These heavy wrenches are laying around everywhere, aren't they? With no one at the controls, Spritle and Chim-Chim smartly decide to strap on parachutes and jump ship. The now out of control monster/sub/airship flies out of control and crashes down right on top of the assassins and blows up the bomb hidden in the lion.

Back on the bridge crossing the lake, everyone, including the diplomats, are looking out onto the water. Speed asks Racer X if he's some kind of secret agent. X says, no, he's a professional race car driver -- and Speed's closest competitor.