Concise Summaries

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Clicking on episode titles will bring you to the Brief summary. Brief summaries are about a paragraph long and provide slightly more detail than these one-liners.

1,2. The Great Plan. Pops etches plans for new Mach Five onto the windshield.
3,4. Challenge of the Masked Racer. Speed becomes a professional race driver.
5,6. The Secret Engine. An engine block has a treasure map on it.
7,8. Race Against the Mammoth Car. A gigantic car made of smuggled gold.
9,10,11. The Most Dangerous Race. Speed versus the Car Acrobatic Team.
12,13. Race For Revenge. Son of a killed racer is out for revenge with the Malaise.
14,15. The Desperate Desert Race. Speed's Mach Five versus Kim's Black Tiger.
16,17. Fire Race. Speed and Racer X againstKadar in a race under a volcano.
18,19. Girl Daredevil. Speed rescues a girl stunt driver and thwarts an art thief.
20,21. The Fastest Car on Earth. Speed drives the awesome GRX.
22,23. Mach Five vs. Mach Five. Speed battles a copy Mach Five.
24,25. The Royal Racer. Spritle and a lookalike prince switch places.
26. Car Hater. Speed convinces a car hating man that cars aren't bad.
27,28. Race Against Time. Speed has 2 hours to get a statue of Isis to save Trixie.
29. The Snake Track. Rock Force, whose arms was hurt by gangsters, outraces Speed.
30. Man on the Lam. An escaped convict dies and gives his eyes to his blind daughter.
31,32. Gang of Assassins. Racer X, a secret agent, takes on a gang of assassins.
33. Race for Life. Speed helps get serum to a man bitten by a snake.
34. The Supersonic Car. Speed breaks the sound barrier in a land vehicle.
35, 36. Crash in the Jungle. Speed prevents a mad scientist from creating giant soldiers.
37. The Terrifying Gambler. A genius gambler plans to destroy all oil refineries.
38,39. The Secret Invaders. Speed and Racer X foil a coup by a crime boss.
40. The Man Behind the Mask. An art loving madman wants to take over the world.
41. The Car Destroyer.
42. The Desperate Racer.
43. The Dangerous Witness.
44. Race the Laser Tank.
45. The Great Car Wrestling Match.
46. Motorcycle Apaches.
47. Car with a Brain. A deranged scientist builds a Monster Car bent on destruction.
48. Junk Car Grand Prix. A race for 17 year old girls gets Trixie behind the wheel.
49. Car in the Sky.
50. The Trick Race.
51,52. Race around the World.