Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 11:48:59 -0400
Subject: Speed Racer

I was born in 1967 and some how made it through Kindergarten (1972) without ever experimenting with the TV enough to discover that there was a UHF on our TV. I didn't even know what UHF was as I think our TV's U channel was tuned to a number that we didn't receive.

Early in first grade I was invited over to a friends house and we watched all these cool cartoons, including Speed Racer. I couldn't figure out why his TV got all these awesome shows. He told me that you had to set the top knob to U and then turn the bottom knob... we had 17, 29 and 48 back then and it was like I had stepped through the looking glass as a whole new world was opened up to me... I remember vividly going home and trying it on our TV at home and discovering that there was life beyond the Electric Company and Sesame Street.... Speed Racer, Kimba the white lion, Three Stooges, Munsters, Johnny Socko and the Flying Robot....