Date: 20 Mar 96 11:52:15 EST
Subject: Speed Racer

I was thrilled when I accidently found the Speed Racer web site yesterday! What a find! I'm a fan from way back -- here in Chicago, our local UHF station, Channel 32, ran the show throughout the '70s, and I grew up with Speed and Trixie. Finally, I've found an outlet to fan clubs, merchandise, and information. I had no idea that a new version of the series had been started -- I'd love to see it, but I don't have cable anymore. When I did have it a few years ago, I used to stay up to watch the Speed Racer reruns on MTV. Anyway, I thought you might enjoy a funny story that you may even want to share on your web site.

As a child growing up in the early seventies, the kids on my block used to "play" Speed Racer, a game I had invented. The neighborhood was mostly made up of boys, and in the seventies, racing was hot (hence the invention of Hot Wheels cars and tracks -- I even had a set, and I'm female). So we'd all pull out our bikes (racing cars) and zoom down the alley like Speed. Everyone had a specific character, and it never varied. Frankie, the boy who lived in the house across the alley, had this really cool bike with a car steering wheel (no lie) instead of handle bars! So, of course, he became Speed. There was another boy, Mike, my best friend growing up, who acted and looked like a monkey. He was always Chim Chim, and he did a great Chim Chim imitation. There were only two girls on the block, me (I always got to be Trixie -- I mean, it was MY game) and the girl next door (who always got stuck with the only other girl part, Mom Racer). I think maybe one time I let her be Trixie, but I loved that character soooo much it was hard to give it up. The boys would zoom down the alley on their bikes, and eventually "Chim Chim" and another boy playing Spritle would come running back to the "house" (garage) to tell Mom and Trixie that Speed was in an accident. We'd run to the end of the alley to find the boys in a tangled mess of bikes, and I had my opportunity to yell, "Oh, Speed!" It was great.

I loved the show so much, but back then, you never saw Speed Racer merchandise. The only thing I ever got was a letter sent to me from the characters, with their pictures and "signatures" (my father sent away for it). And I made my own "Trixie" blouse, with little ties at the shoulders, and of course, the M initial that I only recently found out stood for Michi, her Japanese name!

Even as I got older, the name "Trixie" kinda stuck as a nickname, maybe because it close to another nickname, "Tricia." Anyway, I almost died when I saw the latest movie script on the web site, with the character of Trixie really named "Patricia." Talk about irony, 'cause in my mind, I AM Trixie!

Speed and a lot of the other Japanese "anime" (Prince Planet, Starblazers) were the best thing about the growing up in the seventies, and I'm going to stay tuned to your web site for even more info!

Thanks so much!
Patricia (Trixie)