Mystery Science Theater

Lori, aka The Famous Lorax, decided to do a friendly send up of our favorite car racing crew, along the lines of Mystery Science Theater.

She says, "I'm sure you've heard of the show on Comedy Central with the three little guys making fun of bad movies. It's become popular on the Net to do MST treatments of shows, USENET posting, etc.

"There's a guy, Mike Nelson, who's been trapped in a satellite in space by evil scientists and forced to watch bad movies. He has two robot pals, Crow T Robot and Tom Servo, and the show is 2 hours and we see the movie playing in the satellite's theater while at the bottom of the screen we see their three little silhouettes and hear their comments as they rip on the movie. It's a hoot. It's a little harder to do in written form but still funny."

Here's Race Against Time as you've never read it before.