The Knight Sabers from Bubblegum Crisis.

So You Wonder...

...just what is anime? In short, it's animated artwork. The word itself is the English transliteration of the Japanese truncated transliteration of the English word animation. Got that? Unlike cartoons from the US and many other countries, anime is not geared for any age group or audience in particular. Different anime target different viewing audiences.

Close Encounters with Anime in the US

Many US viewers first encountered anime watching Astro Boy, Speed Racer, Marine Boy, Kimba the White Lion, and more recently, Star Blazers and Robotech. While these might not represent the current state of the art in animation, they're still fun to watch.

[Green bullet] Speed Racer
[Green bullet] Robotech

When Animators Get Bored

The folks that bring those wonderful characters to life are, after all, just human themselves. So when they're feeling a little mischievous they have fun with their work just like everyone else does. When I've spotted likely places for animators to add a little hard-to-spot humor, I go frame by frame through a few scenes on the laserdisc. (I've only just started to type them into my web page, so this page will grow.)

[Green bullet] Animators' Almost-Hidden Humor.

Links to Anime Pages

When you don't have the time to put a whole lot into an anime web page, how do you solve the problem of empty page space? Well, use other people's hard work, of course! :-) Here are my list and other bigger and better lists as well. As a matter of fact, I recommend not bothering with mine since it hasn't been updated in months. But I'll leave it here anyway. Maybe it'll become part of a history text... :-)

[Green bullet] Michael Van Biesbrouck's Anime & Manga Page Pointers
[Green bullet] Peter Norby's Anime & Stuff
[Green bullet] My page of pointers to other people's anime pages.

WWW Browsers That Can Display Japanese

Many anime pages have info written in Japanese. If your server can't display these fonts (or the fonts of other non-Roman alphabets for that matter), here's info on how to get a server that is able to.

[Green bullet] Info on multinational web browsers.
[Green bullet] Radio Japan schedule. (If this appears in Japanese, you already have a multinational browser.)

From an Ah! My Goddess CD cover.

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Last modified: February 14, 1995