Biological Data Analysis: Homework 10

Due Tuesday, Dec. 6

You must type this and all other homework assignments. Do not e-mail the assignment to me; turn it in early (at 322 Wolf) for a foreseeable absence, or turn it in late after an unexpected absence from class.

1. Write three exam questions, in the same style as on the study guides and the first two exams. The questions must describe an experiment, then ask "Which test should you use?" The answers to your first two questions are given below, next to your birthday; for example, if you were born on the 6th of a month, you must write one question whose answer is "exact test of goodness-of-fit" and one whose answer is "paired t-test." Your third question should have your very favorite statistical test as the answer. Be sure to include the answer to each question. If you're writing about your area of research, be sure to give enough detail that all of your classmates would understand the question.

Birthdate  Answers
      1   Simple logistic regression; Kruskal-Wallis test
      2   Kruskal-Wallis test; Chi-square test or G-test of goodness-of-fit
      3   Chi-square test or G-test of goodness-of-fit; One-way anova
      4   One-way anova; Linear regression/correlation
      5   Linear regression/correlation; Exact test of goodness-of-fit
      6   Exact test of goodness-of-fit; Paired t-test
      7   Paired t-test; Chi-square test or G-test of independence
      8   Chi-square test or G-test of independence; Spearman rank correlation
      9   Spearman rank correlation; Nested anova
     10   Nested anova; Linear regression/correlation
     11   Linear regression/correlation; Ancova
     12   Ancova; Paired t-test
     13   Paired t-test; One-way anova
     14   One-way anova; Multiple regression
     15   Kruskal-Wallis test; Fisher's exact test
     16   Fisher's exact test; Two-way anova with replication
     17   Two-way anova with replication; Exact test of goodness-of-fit
     18   Exact test of goodness-of-fit; Nested anova
     19   Nested anova; Spearman rank correlation
     20   Spearman rank correlation; Ancova
     21   Ancova; Two-way anova without replication
     22   Two-way anova without replication; Simple logistic regression
     23   Simple logistic regression; Chi-square test or G-test of goodness-of-fit
     24   Chi-square test or G-test of goodness-of-fit; Mulitple logistic regression
     25   Multiple logistic regression; One-way anova
     26   One-way anova; Fisher's exact test
     27   Fisher's exact test; Chi-square test or G-test of independence
     28   Chi-square test or G-test of independence; Two-way anova with replication
     29   Two-way anova with replication; Nested anova
     30   Nested anova; One-way anova
     31   One-way anova; Simple logistic regression

2. You don't need to turn in anything for this question. Look at the questions on the first set of practice questions and second set of practice questionsfor the final exam, and see if there are any that you don't understand. Come to class on Thursday prepared to tell me which of the practice questions you'd like me to explain in class. You may want to avoid looking at the third set of practice questions until after the last class, to see if anything we review helps you answer the questions better when you see them for the first time.

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