Layout of the Marshall Raised-Bed Butterfly Garden

The garden is a 50'x100' area , open court, which sits between 2 closed pod areas. There is an entrance through the school (door/Porch) and another at the far end of the garden.(gate) We have recently added an arbor over the gate entrance and planted Trumpet Vines to attract Hummingbirds. The numbers indicate the plot areas, which are allocated to classrooms and specialists at the school. Each room and each specialist has a plot to weed and keep in shape. The plots vary in size from 3'x3' to 10'x3'. The children grow annuals in Grow-Labs in our pods. The annuals are placed in various beds around the perennials. We add several perennials each year. The PTA helps with purchase and up-keep expenses. For a list of plants in the garden click here.


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