I don't have a walk-way but I do have a small piece of land!

Not to worry. If you have a small piece of ground(as small as 5'x5') you can purchase a shaker of wild flower or butterfly flower seeds. This type of garden takes a few minutes to rough-up the ground or turn under existing grass, but it is well worth the effort ! Rake the soil lightly and scatter the flower seeds thickly throughout the area. Water daily and in a few weeks you will have a beautiful garden that will attract various types of butterflies and the best part is YOU DON"T HAVE TO WEED IT! That's right, you will have a solid area of flowers with very few weeds to worry about! The other added advantage to this type of garden is that you need only shake the seeds down into the soil during the winter months and when spring arrives the next year you will already have a vast majority of flowers returning! You can sprinkle a few extra seeds each spring and water and the garden returns! The mix that you buy in the shakers is full of perenials and biannuals and you only need to replace the annual seeds in the garden.

We have one bed in our garden which is dedicated to wild flower seeds and the Student Council maintains this bed each year . The children do all of the work and they simply water and wait to see which of the seeds shaken out last year will return. They add more seeds to open areas and this bed is always visited by the butterflies! The beauty of the flower color mixture is also very eye-catching.