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Issues in Production Agriculture



1.  Reference books on Reserve in the Library
- 1996 ASAE Standards.  American Society of Agricutural Engineers, St. Josephs, MI
- John Deere Fundamentals of Machine Operation Series.  Deere and Co., Moline, IL
- Farm Power and Machinery Management, 9th Ed., Donnell Hunt, Univ. of IL
2.  Web Links
Estimating Field Capacity of Farm Machines
Estimating Machinery Costs
3. Term Paper Topics

     1.  Genetically Modified Organisms:  Improving Crops, Environmental risks, Nutritional or 
           pharmaceutical benefits, and what are the impacts for farmers (Skibo)
     2.  The 2002 Farm Bill Debate:  Farmers, Consumers, Conservationists, & Politicians
     3.  BioDiesel: A new soybean use for energy
     4.  New and Future Industrial Uses (other than fuel) of Ag Products (inks, lubricants, etc)
     5.  Renewable Energy Sources from certain Tree species
     6.  New Production & Harvesting Technologies: Grains & Soybeans
     7.  New Production & Harvesting Technologies:  Fruit & Vegetables
     8.  New Production & Harvesting Technologies:  Forage Crops
     9.  Addressing Nutrient Management Issues with Science & New Technologies
     10.  World Population & Food Production:  Will there be enough food and what role will 
technology play?
     11.  What will Delaware’s Agricultural Industry look like in 2025?
     12.  New Technologies to improve poultry production
     13.  New Technologies to Improve Dairy Production
     14.  New Technologies to Improve Beef Production
     15.  Farm Labor:  What’s next in mechanization to replace labor
     16.  Impact of Fast Foods on the American Farmer & Consumer
     17.  Land Use Issues:  What needs to happen to insure sufficient agricultural land will remain in 
             production in Delaware?