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Mechanical Design and Development Lab

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                Research Opportunities for Graduate and Undergraduate Students


Projects are available to study and develop new mechanical components, systems and processes for several applications.

Development of Active Deployment Systems to Prevent Injuries During Human Falls.

The objective of this work will be to design and test several different structures that can protect (pad) the hip region during a fall.  The intent is to develop a "smart" system that can sense when someone is falling and deploy a protective bag.  This work will involve full scale testing using our machine for simulating human falls.  Sponsored by the DuPont Co.

Development of New Belt Tracking and Tensioning System for Large Flat Belts.

The purpose is to improve belt performance and life on machines that use large flat belts like round balers.  Opportunities included the development of a test stand to evaluate alternate belt configurations, and designing prototyping and testing new pulleys and guides for improved belt tracking.  Sponsored by Case-New Holland, Inc.

Sensing and Automation of Composite Manufacturing Processes. 

The main objective of the research is to understand and automate manufacturing processes for polymers and polymer composites.  Current opportunities include the development and testing of better resin delivery during the infusion of fiber preforms to insure complete wetting of all fibers.  Another are of work is the design of composite components for improved structural performance and manufacturability.

Forensics of Several Consumer Product Failures

These projects included exemplar testing, accident recreation, and the use of other forensic analysis techniques to understand the causes (and cures) for several accidents and consumer product failures involved in litigation.


Each of these projects provide opportunities for fundamental research (modeling and simulation), applied research (design, fabrication, and testing), or both. In addition, this work will give you the chance to interact and collaborate with the companies cooperating on these projects. Opportunities exist for sophomores, juniors and seniors in engineering and science, as well as graduate students in Mechanical Engineering. Students may work for salary/stipend or credit.


If you would like to learn more about these and other research projects in the lab, click the Research Programs link above for more detailed information.

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