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EGTE 435


Computer-Aided-Engineering Project: (10%)

This project will be assigned May 7th. Each person will create a computer tool to aid in the design of a machine element or subsystem. Programs must be written in FORTRAN, and programs/routines you have developed in previous classes can be built on and/or modified to complete this assignment.  A users guide and report with a design example will be due at 5pm on May 27th. No late reports will be accepted.  A list of topics are given below.  You may also submit your own topic - this must be sent for approval in writing via email before class on by May 7th.    A list of input and output variables, and a flowchart of the program is due on May 12th. 

Specific requirements of the program include:


   - program must be interactive with the user

   - program must recommend actual or nominal sizes (i.e. a 1/2 diameter shaft, not a 0.489" shaft)

   - reading from manufacturer's tables accomplished by reading from data files

   - program should be written in an efficient manner to minimize run time (i.e. minimum program length).

   - limitations, assumptions, and warnings should be part of the output.

   - output is verified with a design example that includes hand calculations.


Potential topics include:

1.  Roller bearing selection for a rotating shaft.

2.  Shafts that supports a pinion and gear drive.

3.  Shafts that supports a sprocket or sheave.

4.  V-belt drive.

5.  Roller chain drive.

6.  Weld joint subject to shear, torsion, and/or bending.

7.  Fastener design for the lid of a pressure vessel subject to dynamic loads.

8.  Fastener design for a bolted flange coupling on a rotating shaft.

9.  Boundary lubricated bearing set to support a rotating shaft.

10.  Gear train analysis/recommendations for simple, compound, and planetary drives.


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