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Week 1:

Overview of Course Requirements, Basics of Technical Sketching and Drafting, Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting, Nomenclature, Components of a Technical Drawing.


Week 2:

Representing 3D objects, Parallel vs. Perspective Projections, Isometric Views, Basic Multi-View Layouts, Good Dimensioning Practices.

Lab Projects:   

Week 1:  Switch Plate

Week 2:  Safety Key

Week 3:  Rocker Arm (Chapter 30 is relevant)

Week 4:  Architectural Floor Plan

Week 5:  Flange

Week 6:  Computer Inventory and Exporting Attributes

Week 7:  Landscape Layout

Week 8:  Electrical Service Entrance

Week 9:  Automotive Wiring Schematic

Week 10:  Isometric Drawing

Week 11:  Solid Modeling:  Part 1

Week 12:  Solid Modeling:  Part 2

Week 13:  Drafting Project

Textbook Reading Assignments and Web-Based Quiz Content:

Web Link:

Web Based Assignments 1                                                    Assignment 1 Answers

True/False & Multiple Choice & Essay Questions

            Chapter 1: Getting Started

            Chapter 2: Working With Files

            Chapter 3: Draw Command Concepts


Web Based Assignments 2

True/False & Multiple Choice     

            Chapter 4: Selection Sets

            Chapter 5: Helpful Commands

            Chapter 6: Basic Drawing Setup

            Chapter 7: Object Snap and Object Snap Tracking

            Chapter 8: Draw Commands I


Web Based Assignments 3

True/False & Multiple Choice     

            Chapter 9: Modify Commands I

            Chapter 10: Viewing Commands

            Chapter 11: Layers and Object Properties


Web Based Assignments 4

True/False & Multiple Choice     

            Chapter 12: Advanced Drawing Setup

            Chapter 13: Layouts and Viewports          

            Chapter 15: Draw Commands II

            Chapter 30: User Coordinate Systems 


Web Based Assignments 5

True/False & Multiple Choice     

            Chapter 16: Modify Commands II

            Chapter 17: Inquiry Commands


Web Based Assignments 6

True/False & Multiple Choice                 

            Chapter 18: Creating and Editing Text

            Chapter 19: Grip Editing

            Chapter 20: Blocks, Design Center, and Tool Palettes

            Chapter 21: Multiview Drawing


Web Based Assignments 7

True/False & Multiple Choice                 

            Chapter 22: Pictorial Drawings

            Chapter 23: Section Views


Web Based Assignments 8

True/False & Multiple Choice     

            Chapter 25: Dimensioning

            Chapter 26: Dimension Styles And Variables


Web Based Assignments 9

True/False & Multiple Choice     

            Chapter 27: 3D Modeling Basics

            Chapter 28: User Coordinate System


Web Based Assignments 10

True/False & Multiple Choice     

            Chapter 29: Solid Modeling Construction

                               Last Updated:  12 February 2006