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The purpose of this assignment is to create drawing package of a complex, multi-component object or system.  Each person will be required to develop a drawing package that includes a 3D assembly, a 2D layout, and detailed component drawings.  The drawing package will include a cover page with the student's name and a brief discussion of how the dimensions and tolerances were determined for the detailed drawings.   Where appropriate, CAD files should be downloaded from vendors/suppliers. 

The assembly needs to be an isometric, exploded assembly or a solid model, and there should be at least five components that make up the assembly.  For layout type projects, there should be at least three layers (for example, if you draw a house, you could show structural, electrical and plumbing layers that together make up the house). 

Milestones and Timeline:

1.  Selection of the topic ............................................................................................  29 Apr

2.  Brainstorming results, Sketch of the solution and benchmarking summary........ 6 May

3.  Completion of the drawing package and report describing the best solution .... 20 May

Project Topic Requirements and Options:

Project topics are chosen by each student, and can be any one of the following categories:  building or large structure, mechanical system, new product or invention, electrical, or landscaping.  Drawings should be made of new designs, but that is not a requirement.  If the drawing is a modification of an existing structure or system, it must be made with an appropriate scale using true dimensions and tolerances.  A bill of material for the system must also be included on the assembly drawing. 

Some example projects could be:  your dream home, custom ipod and cellphone accessory, your dream car, landscape layout of a new park in Newark, a layout of a new 20 acre development outside Newark, a new UD football stadium, or a new racing or off-road bicycle. The project should not just be a drawing of an existing product or object.   Be creative!

Concept Generation:

As a means to formulate good, meaningful solutions, each person is expect to follow standard practices for Benchmarking.  Benchmarking is a technique to rapidly learn about a subject, and methods for Benchmarking are described here.  Also, brainstorming ideas is a critical part of deriving the best solution to a problem, and some tips are provided here.


The project will be graded only after the final deadline on 10 May.  A grading rubric found here will be used to evaluate each student project. 

                                                Last Updated:  27 April 2011