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Lab 8

Landscape Layout



Assignment: Landscape Layout   &  AutoCAD File

1)      Open the pdf file at the link above.

2)      Open the AutoCAD file at the second link above.

3)      Under “File” choose “saveas” to save drawing under appropriate name and directory.

4)      Use the Dimension Style menu to change to architectural with a resolution of 1/64".

5)      Set the drawing limits to 80' by 60'.  

6)  Change the grid spacing to 5' by 5'.  Turn the grid “on” if you prefer.

7)      Zoom drawing to “all”.

8)      Create appropriate layers, colors and load linetypes under the pull down menu “format”.

9)      Utilize the Text Style Manager to create different text “styles”. i.e.: dimension, gentxt.

10)  Start drawing at a X,Y coordinate that will allow for good drafting practices to be used. Objects can be moved if needed.

11)  Proceed drawing using draw and modify commands and basic drafting techniques.  Start by drawing the extents of the layout.

12) Create blocks for the objects that are used more than once. 

13) Use the spline command to create curved boundaries. Use the region and hatch commands to define fill the various portions of the layout with concrete or cross hatching.

14)  Once the drawing is complete, create a layout by right mouse clicking the model space tab and selecting the 'From template' option.  Use the Architectural Title Block from previous labs.  Once the layout is created, remember to double click in the viewport then select View>Zoom>Extents.   Fill in the relevant title block information. 

15)  Email your AutoCAD drawing to

                                  Last Updated:  7 April  2010