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Lab 4

Pipe Flange



Assignment: Pipe Flange

1)      Use Qnew to start a new drawing.

2)      Use default template acad.dwt file. This will set the limits to 12x9.

3)      Under “File” choose “saveas” to save drawing under appropriate name and directory.

4)      At the prompt type in “units”.

5)      Within the dialogue box choose appropriate units and precision settings.

6)      Turn the grid “on” if you prefer.

7)      Zoom drawing to “all”.

8)      Create appropriate layers, colors and load linetypes under the pull down menu “format”. Example: Layers would be, border, part, dimension, text, titleblock and each layer would have a corresponding color. Load linetypes that may be needed in drawing.

9)      Utilize the Text Style Manager to create different text “styles”. i.e.: dimension, gentxt.

10)  Start drawing at a X,Y coordinate that will allow for good drafting practices to be used. Objects can be moved if needed.

11)  Proceed drawing using draw and modify commands and basic drafting techniques.  Start by creating one hole then draw one of the protrusions for the fastener holes, and use the array command to distribute it to the remaining five locations.  Use construction lines to create the side view from the front view.

12)  Once the drawing is complete, create a layout with the layout wizard using the ANSI A title block.   Create a viewport and insert the drawing onto the layout.  Fill in the relevant title block information. 

13)  Email your AutoCAD drawing to

                     Last Updated:  10 March 2010